Solid Hacks

Solid Hacks

Hacks for Solid


This book assumes familiarity with the basics of solid. That you have a solid pod, and have used the data browser. If not, please review Appendix A, before starting. Solid Hacks is a Work In Progress.


The solid platform is the most extensible, scaled programming environment, since the web itself. There exist guides, tutorials and demos, which give you a flavour of what Solid can do. But to get the most out of Solid, you need to know how to push the platform to its limits.
Solid hacks shows you how to have the most satisfying web experience ever. You don't need programming ability. Just the ability to click, drag and drop files, and edit text. This will enable you to combine apps, data and functionality in new innovative ways.
This book covers but a fraction of what is possible in solid. It hopefully illustrates some interesting tips and tricks. However, more importantly, it can influence you to create and mash up all these capabilities into new discoveries.
The book is organized in no particular order. Contributions are welcome to new chapters.
So without further ado, let's begin!